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Updated 08/21/06

The Smith Ranch Property Owners Association was organized as a tax-exempt entity in 1996 in order to maintain our private roads on the Smith Ranch. We receive no help whatsoever from the county. It is solely the responsibility of the property owners here to take care of our roads. We ask each property owner for $125.00 annual road fund/membership association dues to be used for the Main road fund. According to our by-laws, you must be current on your dues to vote at the property owner meetings or to hold an office on the Board. Additional contributions may be sent in for the other roads such as North River, South River, Park, Skyridge, Cliffview, Yancey, and Mid River and those funds will be used exclusively on those roads. This additional contribution is strictly voluntary and is the property owner's decision. Roadwork is very expensive but we have been fortunate that there are enough responsible property owners to keep the road reasonably well maintained so far. This becomes more difficult each year as the cost continues to climb. and could become even more costly if the roads are allowed to deteriorate. Regular maintenance helps keep costs down so thanks to all of you who contribute and if you happen to know someone who does not contribute please ask them to reconsider. If you are using the roads then you should be a contributor.

Keys to the locked gate at the Smith Ranch should have been provided to you with the sale of your property. The keys should transfer with the property when sold. The keys are all numbered and are assigned to specific owners. If you purchase a property and wish to know what keys you should receive from the previous owners please contact the association to get those numbers. If you have lost your key, please report the loss of the key to us. Replacement keys may be purchased for $22.50 each by mail or $15.00 if picked up in person. Smith Ranch Property Owners Association stickers for your windshield, which should be affixed on the upper left (driver's side) of your windshield are $1.00. Please send along a stamped, self addressed envelope if requesting by mail. We urge everyone to have one on their vehicles as this identifies to others that you are a property owner on Smith Ranch and have a right to be behind the locked gate. All visitors of property owners to the Smith Ranch should have a written permit with them showing the current date and the lot number or ranch and the name of the owner. If you see someone you do not recognize and does not have a sticker on their vehicle it might be a good idea to try to get a license number and vehicle description. Luckily we do not have too much trouble on the ranch but there have been occasions when unauthorized people have gotten in. If you see any suspicious activity by persons on Smith Ranch and they do not have a SR sticker, please take note of their license plate number and report them to the Lampasas County Sheriff's Dept.

Please take note at the Gatehouse about calling 911 from inside the locked gate. The calls are routed to San Saba-you have to tell the 911 people to reroute you to Lampasas 911 because Lampasas EMS and the Lampasas Sheriff's Dept. have the key to the SR gate and we are on the Lampasas side of the Colorado River.

Please drive slowly. There are many dangerous curves with limited visibility. There have been numerous reports of people being forced off of the road by others going too fast and losing control. As you all know, our roads are not for speed, so slow down, and enjoy the scenery. You never know what may jump out in front of you.

A Board of Directors, who are property owners elected by fellow property owners, governs our Association. There are seven members on the Board, a treasurer, and a secretary. At the annual meeting, if there are any Board positions open for re-election, nominations for that board member's position are made by association members, then voted on by the association as a group. At an executive session of the Board after the annual meeting, the Board votes who will serve as its officers for the upcoming year.

We have an annual Property Owners Association meeting which is usually the first Saturday in June at 2:00 P.M. The location will be determined by the Board. All association members are urged to attend to discuss their concerns, meet their neighbors and to elect or re-elect board members whose terms have expired.

Please send any correspondence or checks to:
Smith Ranch Property Owners Association
P.O. Box 1715
Lampasas, Texas 76550