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Welcome to the Web site of the
Smith Ranch Property Owners Association

Please contact us if you have suggestions or items that you would like to post on the site.
This site has been set up to communicate with the property owners. It is available at no cost to the association.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Members of SRPOA and other Owners that attended the recent Annual Membership Meeting. There were 37 Members attending and at least 65-75 in total attendance. The most important item on the Agenda was the adoption of the Board proposed 2018 Key Issuance Policy. Jayne Rayburn was elected to the Board of Directors. She is replacing Joe Liles who decided not to seek reelection. Joe has served on the Board for many years and we all thank him for his lengthy service to SRPOA. For complete details about the Annual Membership Meeting and the Board Meeting held afterwards, please click on the links below to review the Minutes of each Meeting as well as the adopted 2018 Key Policy.

Rick Baxter
SRPOA Board of Directors

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes posted 5/14/2018
2018 Board Meeting Minutes
posted 5/14/2018
2018 Key Policy posted 5/14/2018

New Keys will be needed to open the Main Gate starting Monday June 04, 2018

Keys will be issued at the Main Gate during these dates and times.

Fri May 04
Sat May 05
Sun May 06
Fri May 25
Sun May 27
Fri June 01
Sat June 02
Sun June 03

This policy was proposed by the Board of Directors and adopted by the SRPOA Members in attendance at
the Annual Membership Meeting held on Saturday April 28, 2018.

Key Issue Terms and Conditions 2018

1. One key will be issued at no charge to Smith Ranch property Owner(s) regardless of the number of tracts owned.
2. Owner(s) may purchase up to seven (7) additional keys.
3. Keys will only be issued to listed Owner(s) on the Appraisal District tax records or an agent possessing Power of Attorney.
4. It shall be the Owner(s)'s responsibility, upon the sale of property, to surrender all issued keys to the buyer or to an Officer of the Association.
5. The key number of any lost, damaged, stolen or misplaced key must be reported immediately in writing to any Officer of the Association.
6. Keys issued by mail or delivery will incur a handling fee as indicated on the related fee schedule. All fees must be prepaid before issuance.
7. Owner(s) are responsible for the security and control of assigned keys.
8. Owner(s) may be liable for any negligent, harmful or criminal act associated with or attributed to a key assigned to that Owner(s) that has not been reported lost, missing or stolen.
9. 2018 Schedule of Fees:
a. Key 1 issued at no charge.
b. Keys 2 - 6 issued at $20 per key.
c. Keys 7 - 8 issued at $50 per key.
d. Handling fee for all mail and/or delivery is $15 per order.
Mail checks to 2366 N River Road, Lampasas TX 76550.
Email requests to rickbaxtertx@gmail.com.

Smith Ranch Property Owners Directory 2017 (Updated 12-31-2017)

Please click here to see a listing of all Smith Ranch Owners. Smith Ranch Property Owners Association Members are indicated with a "Y" in the 2017 column. Please email any errors to rickbaxtertx@gmail.com.

On behalf of the entire Smith Ranch Property Owners Association and other owners in Smith Ranch, thank you to every Member that has joined in 2017. With your Membership we have improved the following roads in 2017: Main, Yancey, South River, Mid River, North River and Park.

Rick Baxter
President, SRPOA

2018 Board Meeting Minutes posted 3/8/2018

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jul-Dec 2017 posted 2/12/2018

Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 9/9/2017 posted 9/20/2017

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jan-Jun 2017 posted 8/9/2017

2017 Newsletter

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes posted 6/12/2017
2017 Board Meeting Minutes
posted 6/12/2017

Revised Bylaws
posted 6/12/2017

To contact the owners' association email smithranchpo@gmail.com

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