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January 2019 Newsletter

FLOOD!! 2018 Newsletter

As you all know, a major catastrophic flood occurred on Smith Ranch October 16, 2018. The personal property loss consisted of lost boats, kayaks and other stored items. Property damage common was well control boxes, well houses, well tanks, debris, trees and other items. Known structural damage was partial of one house, several travel trailers and many storage areas. The loss of electrical power resulted in common loss of refrigerated and frozen food throughout Smith Ranch.

The most significant damage is probably to North River Road and Main Road. Both roads were damaged due to local rainfall and the river flood. Heavy deposits of silt are also present on Mid River Road and South River Road. The Board of Directors has voted to begin work on all roads during the next few weeks. Listed below are some comments about the roads affected by the rainfall and the flood. Road work on South, Mid and North River roads will need to be funded by the Owners on those roads. The Board will coordinate the work as funds become available.


Probably the most damage was done to North River Road. The plan is to address the worst areas that have washed away and created bogs and mud holes. We will also be shaving the roadway on the river side as needed to improve drainage along the road way.

Estimated immediate costs for North River Road are between $4,500 - $6,000. There is $6,000 available now and we will not deplete this amount to do this work. Several Owners have expressed that they will contribute immediately to fund this work. There are around 85 Owners on North River Road, that amounts to about $80 an Owner. Not all Owners will contribute, those that are willing to contribute more than $80, your neighbors thank you in advance.

Please send additional contributions immediately so that we can begin work soon. Any contributions would be appreciated by all Owners on North River Road. Even $20 is a few gallons of diesel. We really need to gather at least $3,500 in order to get done what we have planned.


We will repair the worst areas of Main Road in the next few weeks. If funds, time and equipment allow, we will do more work. We want to be efficient with our time and money, so worst areas will be addressed as needed now and a major rehab will be planned for the spring.

South River Road and Mid River Road

The costs of any work on these roads will be covered by Owners on these roads. Please send in as much extra as you can, and we will work to improve the worst areas as funds allow. There is approximately $2,650 in South River Rd and $2,160 in Mid River Rd currently.

The SRPOA Board of Directors would like to ask for your patience during this time. We all should be thankful that things were not as bad as they could have been.


R.L. "Rick" Baxter, President SRPOA Board of Directors
512-525-4086 email: rickbaxtertx@gmail.com

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jul-Dec 2018 posted 2/18/2019
2018 Annual Meeting Minutes posted 5/14/2018
2018 Board Meeting Minutes
posted 5/14/2018
2018 Key Policy posted 5/14/2018

Smith Ranch Property Owners Directory 2017 (Updated 12-31-2017)

Please click here to see a listing of all Smith Ranch Owners. Smith Ranch Property Owners Association Members are indicated with a "Y" in the 2017 column. Please email any errors to rickbaxtertx@gmail.com.

On behalf of the entire Smith Ranch Property Owners Association and other owners in Smith Ranch, thank you to every Member that has joined in 2017. With your Membership we have improved the following roads in 2017: Main, Yancey, South River, Mid River, North River and Park.

Rick Baxter
President, SRPOA

2018 Board Meeting Minutes posted 3/8/2018

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jul-Dec 2017 posted 2/12/2018

Revised Bylaws posted 6/12/2017

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