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Welcome to the Web site of the
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This site has been set up to communicate with the property owners. It is available at no cost to the association.

Newsletter - August 2018

Hoping this finds you all bearing the heat and able to stay cool. Just a few short notes to update SRPOA activities and plans for the fall. We would like to thank each of you for contributing to road maintenance activities either by joining SRPOA or contributing without becoming a Member. While the number of contributors has grown steadily the last two years, so has the traffic on the roads. By continuing to increase participation in the Association, we will make sure the roads are maintained and improved to the level that funding allows.

By now the key change out is complete and proceeded with the least amount of confusion as we could foresee. Everyone has been cooperative during the transition from the red to blue keys for Main Gate. The key change out was completed with no money being expended from road funds.

Highlights from April Annual Meeting

- 38 Association Members or proxies present.
- Estimated between 70 - 85 in attendance.
- Jayne Rayburn, Mid River Property Owner was elected without opposition to the Board of Directors. Jayne replaces Joe Liles who chose not to serve on the Board.
- Update provided on marking and clearing all Common Access Lots for use by all Owners.

Items of Interest for 2018

- O.P. Leonard, Jr. and Nancy Leonard have withdrawn their application to construct a dam on the Colorado River north of Smith Ranch. For now, at least, it seems this matter is closed. See attached. This has been a significant concern for Smith Ranch for several years.
- The Board has budgeted $2,000 to repair the paved portion of Main Road.
- Main Road improvements will begin sometime in the early fall after some amount of moisture falls.
- Road improvements for all remaining roads will be considered at the next Board meeting sometime in the early fall.
- 121 Members in 2018 and 8 Owners that contributed that are not Members as of July 31.
- 78% of all Owners contribute to Road Maintenance and Improvements.

2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Rick Baxter - President Cy Long - Treasurer Les Arnold
George Scoggins - Vice - President Jayne Rayburn - Secretary Johnny Baxter
    Don Norman

Please contact any of the Directors with any concerns, questions or suggestions that you may have regarding the Smith Ranch Property Owners Association.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you personally for your support and contributions to improving Smith Ranch. I met a large portion of the Owners during key distribution, but if we haven't met, I would welcome the opportunity to put faces to names. Stay cool in the heat.

R.L. "Rick" Baxter, President SRPOA Board of Directors
512-525-4086 email: rickbaxtertx@gmail.com

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jan-Jun 2018 posted 8/15/2018
2018 Annual Meeting Minutes posted 5/14/2018
2018 Board Meeting Minutes
posted 5/14/2018
2018 Key Policy posted 5/14/2018

Smith Ranch Property Owners Directory 2017 (Updated 12-31-2017)

Please click here to see a listing of all Smith Ranch Owners. Smith Ranch Property Owners Association Members are indicated with a "Y" in the 2017 column. Please email any errors to rickbaxtertx@gmail.com.

On behalf of the entire Smith Ranch Property Owners Association and other owners in Smith Ranch, thank you to every Member that has joined in 2017. With your Membership we have improved the following roads in 2017: Main, Yancey, South River, Mid River, North River and Park.

Rick Baxter
President, SRPOA

2018 Board Meeting Minutes posted 3/8/2018

SRPOA Treasurer's Report Jul-Dec 2017 posted 2/12/2018

Revised Bylaws posted 6/12/2017

To contact the owners' association email smithranchpo@gmail.com

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